New to the forums? Click here to read the "How To" Guide. Click here to go to the Developer Forums. January in General. Hello guys, Has anybody tried any of the following simulation games on Oculus Rift?

I watched a couple of Youtube videos and they seem to be great. But it would be great to hear some opinions from the community hear before I take the plunge. January edited January The game is looking a little long in the tooth. As an experience however its really good even on the default settings. PS FSX is regularly in the steam sale for under a 5er so if you wait till then its not really a risk, and Fly Inside has a free demo.

vr flight simulator pc

PS dont forget the free Red bull racing VR game. Fiat Coupe, gone. Thank goodness for VR. January TEShaw Posts: 2. If you are interested in both VR and flight, then I recommend them very highly. I believe X-plane 10 comes free with the new X-plane 11 since it is still in beta.

Flight Simulation in VR

There are worlds of freeware for aircraft and geography. The thrust of the simulator is in commercial and civil aviation; but there are many opportunities for sport, experimental, and space aviation. You'll need to use additional software like 'Flyinside' which is relatively inexpensive and installs and operates effortlessly. Are you familiar with 'Aces High' from Hitech Creations?

I'm surprised it's not offered in the Oculus store. My name here is the same in both simulators. Greyman Posts: 1, That's the warthog by the way, the joystick for which you are thinking of buying a replica of. XP11 "runs very well"? While P3D etc. Aerofly FS2 has very good potential and performance!

Personally I think Aerofly has the best potential, unless XP11 gets performance issues sorted out. Otherwise it looks stunning, but this is still useless with abysmal FPS.Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the best products; you can learn more about our review process here.

We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links. X-Plane 11 Global Flight Simulator at Amazon"This 3D simulator brings one of the most genuine experiences for serious flight sim fans. Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Gold Edition at Amazon"Create your own routes, fly across the world, and even make your very own airplanes.

Kerbal Space Program at Best Buy"Build your own spacecraft as you take charge of the titular space program for an adorable alien race known as Kerbals. Take On Helicopters at Amazon"Experience the thrill of helicopters in one of the best immersive simulators out there. Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown at Amazon"This game combines current, real-life, and near-future weaponry that makes combat engaging and immersive.

B Flying Fortress at Amazon"Get in the cockpit of the iconic World War II bomber and experience the long-range bombing as you lead a squadron of 12 bombers.

Rise of Flight: The First Great Air War at Amazon"Experience the first world war and the beginning of aerial combat where everything was on the line and survival was slim.

This 3D simulator brings one of the most genuine experiences for serious flight sim fans with its thousands of airports and immersive landscapes including accurate weather and realistic cities. Even beginners can take to the skies with the smooth and easy-to-learn controls. X-Plane 11 includes a completely new interface that boasts speed and accessibility for players of any skill level.

With impressive graphics and accurate details, flight enthusiasts of all kinds will be instantly immersed and lost in the highly detailed environments. Create your own routes, fly across the world, and even make your very own airplanes. Plus, with mission-based play, your time in the skies can last for hours at a time with over 80 assignments from around the globe.

You can even extend your gameplay by downloading plane skins and purchasing add-ons from third-party developers. You can make the plane of your dreams with endless possibilities.

This game does require a powerful graphics card and processor which, combined with its high price, could cost you a pretty penny in the end. Microsoft Flight Simulator: Gold Edition is available for Windows XP, 7, and 8 in standard and deluxe editions, the latter of which comes with even more cities, planes, and airports to explore.

vr flight simulator pc

As one of the most realistic flight simulators on the market, X-Plane 10 truly has it all. Flight sim fans will love creating their own plans or flying their favorites.Sign in to add this item to your wishlist, follow it, or mark it as not interested.

Sign in to see reasons why you may or may not like this based on your games, friends, and curators you follow. Note: This Early Access game is not complete and may or may not change further. If you are not excited to play this game in its current state, then you should wait to see if the game progresses further in development. Learn more. You can use this widget-maker to generate a bit of HTML that can be embedded in your website to easily allow customers to purchase this game on Steam.

Early Access Game

Sign in. Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Your Store. Games Games. Software Software. Software Hub. Hardware Hardware. Community Hub. It ships with ten beautiful aircraft and scenery covering the entire continental United States. Fly high-speed jets, hover helicopters, and enjoy general aviation aircraft around a variety of locations and weather types! All Reviews:. FlyInside Inc. Popular user-defined tags for this product:.

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Do You Need the Best VR Flight Computer?

Includes 10 Steam Achievements. Publisher: FlyInside Inc. Share Embed. Early Access Game Get instant access and start playing; get involved with this game as it develops.

vr flight simulator pc

Why Early Access? Please refer to the "About This" section for more details.By Austin Carroll Mar 1, You flip a few switches, start down the runway, then pull back on the yoke. Up she goes as you launch into the air, climbing higher with each passing second! You climb steadily until you reach the perfect cruising altitude. The best flight simulators are the perfect video game for aviation enthusiasts. Choose your favorite simulation environment, take control of a plane or chopper, then launch your craft into the atmosphere for exciting stunts and action!

Ready to get started? The following list features the top flight simulator games for PC and console, with a summary and overview for each option.

Top 5 - Must Have - Flight Simulators - 2019

The game boasts a sleek interface, true-to-life cockpits, and incredible world-wide scenery for unbelievably immersive play! Originally released inthe award-winning Microsoft Flight Simulator X was totally rebooted and re-released for modern day play. Hop into the cockpit of your favorite aircraft and fly across the world to over 24, different destinations.

Build spaceships and launch them into the atmosphere with your own Kerbal Space Program. Take control of the wheel and engage in exciting flights, maneuvering through space as you please. Get in zee choppa! Take on new contracts, go on missions, and build an aircraft empire! Rise of Flight was an acquisition by aviation game experts Studios, as it fits perfectly into their portfolio of realistic combat flight simulators. The premise? The era is World War I, and aircraft are making their way into battle for the first time in history.

Take control of an early model aircraft to aid the allied forces against the fight against the Central Powers. The game is available on Steam today.

Infinite Flight boasts breathtaking aerial graphics as well as unbelievably immersive gameplay. Moreover, it features an amazing range of aircraft, locations, and dynamic atmospheric conditions.When you are shopping for a VR flight computer system, I find it is easier to compare to one you have tried. I believe that best way I can help you is by showing you what I use. Flying the in VR with the Oculus Rift.

X-Plane With my system I am able to get about 30 to 40 fps with my Oculus running at approximately 90fps. The reason the Oculus runs at 90 fps, is because of Time warp. Time warp allows your head movements to be smooth as silk and will help keep you immersed in the game. This is because X-Plane 11 now comes with VR built into the program.

With the new setup I have been reaching 60fps in the game. It still has the additional smoothing that happens to ensure it feels like you are running it at a blistering 90fps. I have spent countless hours getting my settings just right. Here is a post where I describe my X-Plane 11 settings. Even though my system was a home built Desktop, a similar PC from the store would do just fine.

I have heard lots of people say that you need a top of the line computer with a GTXhowever that was not the case with me. Please notewith VR flight sim, more is better. I was able to get this setup to work great with what I want, however if you want to crank up the graphics, I do recommend getting a top of the line system. Please be aware that I was able to overclock my CPU to 4. The overclocking I did was very basic, however I installed a CPU cooler and extra case fans to ensure my computer stayed cool.

Update: I actually went back to a complete stock setting without the overclock. I did this as I was testing X-Plane 11 in Beta. If you are interested in some VR computers, check out these two posts. I go over several PC recommendations for a few price ranges.

In this post I get into details about what makes a great flight computer. Warning on the last one, it get a bit more technical. Please note, that these are Amazon Affiliate links. This means I do get a small advertising fee if you use and purchase anything from my link. It will get you into flying VR, however it may not future proof you. October 19, […]. Your email address will not be published.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.Virtual reality VR technology is transforming the way in which humans interact with the real world. The ability granted by VR to interface with a three-dimensional world from a first-person point of view POVcarries many beneficial commercial and industrial applications.

So realistic you may experience motion sickness. Humans have dreamt of throwing off their earthly bound coils and taking to the skies in flight since man first saw birds flying.

When the Wright brothers invented the first commercially viable form of human aviation, a huge binding was unlocked from the ankles of man. During the space race of the s, humankind cut another bond with land, when we took to the stars. Today, skydiving professionals have taken to experimenting with wingsuits as it is not enough to simply fall through the sky—but instead to soar through it.

However, if you don't happen to be a professional skydiving expert, it will be quite some time until the average person can strap on their very own set of wings—or will it? Birdly, is an Oculus Rift-based VR flight simulator, created to suspend the user in the air. The player lays on a wing-frame—looking like a bird, peter pan, or superman—and flaps their arms in order to fly. However, at the moment, VR tech has only just come to fruition and the most amazing VR flight experiences are to be had by integrating new VR tech into traditional PC-based flight simulator programs.

No stranger to the avid lovers of the best flight simulators, DCS World is widely considered one of the best virtual reality flight simulators on the market for DCS World is great for those who want a realistic VR flight simulator and an incredibly accurate visual and auditory sensation of flight.

As is true with the most popular flight simulators, DCS World offers players a real challenge in learning to fly each individual aircraft. For the flight sim noob, just lifting off and landing will be enough of a thrill, to keep your head in the Oculus for as long as you can take it.

DCS World is much more than just a game; it is a pilot training simulation platform. The best flight simulators have always incorporated meticulously accurate detail, into each plane's exterior and interior gameplay. Oculus Rift brings the reality of the flight to life, in a whole new way. Looking around, as the player sits in the cockpit, they will notice that every detail is incredibly specific and accurate to the aircraft's real-life model.

One could, almost, feel confident in flying the real thing—but, probably shouldn't actually attempt it, without a pilot's license. However, by incorporating the best flight simulator gear, in conjunction with the VR Oculus Headset, it's almost as good as truly flying. Apollo 11 VR is advertised as an Immersive Educational Experience, in which viewers are an interactive part of the historic Apollo 11 mission, in which man first stepped on the moon's surface in Apollo 11 VR is an immersive, interactive documentary, lasting about an hour and forty-five minutes, which uses NASA archived recordings from the actual flight and is true in every detail of the event.So we will take a look at all of the top contenders, and try to evaluate them on their merits, without regard to technology or platform compatibility.

Just remember to check specs against your VR device and gaming PC, as applicable, before making your purchase. This game was later sold to Microsoft, who released versions from through However, there are several mods and third-party projects that can render in in VR, including FlyInside, which we profile later in this guide. It remains the de facto standard in consumer grade flight simulators today. From light planes to wide-body jets, fly highly detailed and stunning aircraft in an incredibly realistic world.

Create your flight plan and fly anywhere on the planet. Enjoy flying day or night and face realistic, challenging weather conditions. It is widely believed that, in addition to modern technology upgrades to the engine, that the next incarnation of Flight Simulator will enjoy full native VR support. This would, without a doubt, rank it as the head of the class in terms of best VR flight simulators around. For now, we wait, and hope, and satisfy ourselves with jury-rigged versions of FSX to run on popular tethered headsets.

But, in reality most of the actual game is delivered arcade style, with only a few elements delivered as a full VR experience. So you can sit and look around the cockpit in VR, though the detail is not that great.

You can track incoming attack waves in a VR set-up, but all the actual game play is delivered in a console view. Effectively, there is no obvious advantage to playing it with a headset on. If anything, large screen and multi-screen setups provide a wider and more detailed view of what is happening, without the narrowing and foreshortening effects common to headset play.

Ace Combat 7 was originally promoted as a major VR advance, but its actual implementation on the PS4 shied away from all the extra development that would have been needed, and in fact restricted VR to a few small side missions within the game. At its core, X-Plane 11 is effectively similar to FSX, but with re-engineering and upgrades that make it significantly more powerful.

Suffice it to say that Laminar has significantly raised the bar, both in terms of functionality and in terms of customizability. It will definitely be necessary for Microsoft to significantly raise their own game to retain or regain the top spot from X-Plane 11 when their new Flight Simulator title releases next year.

Those can come at quite a cost, however, especially if you want the full VR versions, scenery packs, and other add-ons that they offer. Aerofly FS2 is a relatively new entrant to the VR flight simulator scene, and does seem to lag behind the competition in various important ways.