This article made me reflect upon what piqued my interest in urology when I began researching medical career options. What was it that initially attracted me to urology? These were definite factors that swayed my decision to enter urology, but I still recall the impact of the urologists I met during my pre-clerkship rotation.

Until this point, I was not even aware what urology was or what a urologist did. Early in medical school, our pre-clerkship group was having a session on digital rectal examination and prostate disease. I encountered a very spirited, gregarious and enthusiastic urologist.

I could not get over his excitement over teaching a group of medical student how to perform a digital rectal examination. I knew after this experience, this specialty warranted further exploring. MacNeily and colleagues compared differences in personality traits between urologists and non-urologist surgeons, as well as between surgeons and non-surgeons.

But does it really matter what kind of personality you have? Of course not, but it can certainly influence the persona and the dynamics of a residency program. Anecdotally, I have seen how personalities influence resident selection. In addition to technical skills and intelligence, how well the candidate worked with the residents, nurses and other staff during an elective rotation is a critical aspect of selection.

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Footnotes Competing interests: None declared. References 1.OSU Resident. Choosing a SpecialtyCompensationHow to match in? June 3, The money. Choosing a specialty for its salary is considered an anathema in the medical community. With the notable exceptions of radiation oncology and dermatology, radiology is unquestionably at the top of the heap.

Factoring in vacation, hours, and salary the average private practice PP radiologist made nearly twice as much per hour as a general surgeon.

If you are going to sacrifice your youth to medical education then you should be lucratively rewarded. As I learned more about radiology, I realized that the specialty has all sorts of unique advantages.

Without a patient base, a radiologist is free to move about the country at will. They can work from home or from anywhere in the world with teleradiology. Radiologists tend to practice longer than any other specialty except pathology presumably due to the relaxed work environment. However many radiologists retire early, which is silly because radiology differs little from retirement. When I began my clinical rotations, I made a very important and life altering discovery.

Clinical medicine sucks. I hated the whole experience. I agonized at having to pick between such awful choices. I am no longer screamed at by patients at 2 am because they think nexium is causing back pain. I no longer have to hold a screaming child for a shot or calm down a sundowning gomer.

If you have the opportunity to save lives from a distance, I highly recommend it. While the lifestyle is enviable, radiology is anything but easy. Radiology is an intellectually rigorous specialty that encompasses the entire breadth of medicine.

The training requires extensive study of anatomy, pathology, physics, and treatment. In emergencies, films must be read quickly and accurately. Medical imaging continues to be at the forefront of modern medicine. Technology advances rapidly and a radiologist should expect to spend most of his or her career keeping up with current technology. The typical radiologist comes to work and reads films in the dark for the majority of the day. The work day in punctuated by phone calls, administrative responsibilities, and procedures thoracenteses, liver biopsies, chest tubes, barium swallows, etc.

A common problem…. Based on information on the ACR website, job postings, and anecdotal experience the average radiologist works about 50 hours a week. Generally this is a 7am-4pm M-F with one short call until 9pm and weekend days per month.June 1, The work week is usually split fairly evenly between clinic and OR. Obviously, the clinic days are going to be more routine office hours. OR days vary a lot depending on what type of cases you perform. Most procedures are outpatient and relatively short.

If you plan to do a lot of cancer surgery then you will do some longer cases and therefore will have some evenings spent operating. It is still a surgery field which means you still have early rounds due to early OR cases. I feel that residency hours are comparable to other surgery fields, with the main difference maybe being home call for urology versus in-house call for many other fields. I feel there is a light at the end of the tunnel though.

urology lifestyle sdn

In practice, most days will have office-hours type of schedule. A lot depends on what types of cases you decide to do and how the call is split up. In general, there are less emergent surgeries in urology than most other fields. If you are at a busy hospital there still may be ER consults and inpatient catheter issues that will need to be addressed in the middle of the night. I think that most nights, even on call, you can expect to get a decent amount of sleep.

Relative to some surgery fields, you should have adequate time to spend with family and doing hobbies during the evenings and weekends. A lot has to do with private practice versus academics and how saturated the specific market is.

There has also been a trend towards hospital employed urologists. These hospitals will often provide higher starting salaries e. Most of the big, destination type cities are relatively saturated. Having said that, you can likely get a job just about anywhere but you may just have to take a big pay cut. There are many relatively rural hospitals that are desperate for urologists and will pay good money to lure you out there.

I would say in general that the job market is good, but you may need to have some flexibility on where you want to end up practicing.

Urology fellowships are years. As opposed to the trend in many other surgical fields, you definitely do not need a fellowship to get a good job. If you really just want to do one specialized field and not other parts of urology, then academics is likely your best option.

Spotlight Interview: Why Did You Choose Urology? (OSU Resident)

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urology lifestyle sdn

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I had no idea that there was so much surgery involved in that field. My brother has been thinking of becoming a urologist. I will have to show him this post. I don't hear a lot of people becoming urologists so it is really cool to hear why you wanted to become one.

I love anatomy as well and everything in the health and medical fields just amaze me. I am currently enrolled in my Anatomy class and it is so fun to learn about the different systems and how they work together.

I think picking the system you love the most is a great idea. Work in the fields that you love. Hello, Thank you for the Blog. Parana Impact help you reach the right target customers to advertise your products and services. Urology Users Email List.

Great informative that you have posted. Best sexologist in Chennai. Thursday, June 27, Why I chose urology. A little background Ok sorry for the overdramatization, it really wasn't that suspenseful. But is sure as hell felt like it. My parents are traditional more blue collar people.

We are first generation immigrants, no-one in my family is a doctor. So for my parents it was a big deal when I got into med school, and they were super excited to tell our family and friends that their son was a cardiologist, an emergency room doctor, etc. So when I finally built up the nerve and told them, they weren't exactly thrilled. They didn't fully understand what it meant to be a urologist. Their impression was that urologists were essentially gynecologists for males.

But really, urology is an amazing field. First and foremost - urology is a surgical subspecialty. You have to love surgery. And I love being in the OR. As I detailed in a previous post, for me nothing beats being in the operating room. Urology affords me that opportunity. Anatomy I like the anatomy. I like the abdomen and pelvis, I like working the abdomen.

We do our own ultrasounds, we read our own CT's, we do our own retrogrades in the OR. We are better at radiology in that sense.

urology lifestyle sdn

Ownership What do I mean by this? I think an example is best. A colorectal surgeon will get referred all his cases. GI treats the inflammatory bowel patients, when they fail medical management send them to the surgeon, he chops it out and sends them back to GI. Same thing with cancer. But urology, we own our patients in a unique way.If you are thinking of applying in Urology, let us be the first to welcome you. The information in this guide will help you in your preparations and make you a more competitive candidate.

This guide to urology fellowships is continually updated and provides information for individuals applying in all subspecialties of urology. Urology is unique among the medical and surgical specialties.

For one, the breadth of urology is immense. Click here for insights from top urologic experts across the nation. Residency applicants: this is for you!

urology lifestyle sdn

Find everything you need in the UrologyMatch. Skip to main content. Surgical Procedures: Lithalopaxy VI. Surgical Procedures: Adrenalectomy XI. Welcome to UrologyMatch. Residency Guide If you are thinking of applying in Urology, let us be the first to welcome you. Fellowship Guide This guide to urology fellowships is continually updated and provides information for individuals applying in all subspecialties of urology. Insights from Urologic Leaders Urology is unique among the medical and surgical specialties.

Residency Program Corner Residency applicants: this is for you!